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  1. FRAUD: Cheating and attempt to defraud, including but not limited to: altering fish, exchanging fish, weighing fish caught prior to tournament hours, catching fish from powerboat or other illegal craft and/or using illegal bait may result in disqualification from the tournament, loss of membership and loss of participation privileges for future events. The Committee reserves the right to investigate, polygraph and/or prosecute any participant. The Committee reserves the right to withhold prizes until a full investigation is completed and/or a polygraph examination is completed. Any Series participant or winner shall agree to submit to a polygraph examination.  The Committee reserves the right to select polygraphists to administer polygraph examinations.  All polygraph examinations required shall be taken at the time, place, and by the polygraphists designated by the Committee.  Each contestant agrees by his/her signature on the Tournament / Series entry form, to submit to a polygraph examination and abide by its conclusion.  All travel expenses are to be paid by entrant.  Failure to submit to or pass the polygraph examination may result in 1) disqualification form the series, 2) loss of series points earned, 3) loss of membership, 4) relinquishing of prizes won, and 5) disqualification from future events.
  2. RESPONSIBILITY: Anglers shall understand all rules and conduct themselves respectably.

  3. COURTESY: Use common sense and stay several yards greater than maximum casting distance from anglers.
  4. COMMUNICATION: Anglers may communicate (phones or in-person) with others but not for the purpose of gaining fishing information.
  5. PADDLE/PEDDLE-CRAFT ONLY:  No trolling motors, gas engines, “mother ships”, or sails allowed.  Wade fishing is acceptable provided the kayak is tethered to the angler. 
  6. LEGAL FISHING TIME: Only during the stated legal fishing times. 
  7. LEGAL LAUNCH TIME: Only launch and depart at or after the stated legal launch time.
  8. LEGAL LAUNCH AREAS: Anglers shall launch kayaks only from properties with access available to all participants. If an angler desires to use a private or questionable launch this information must be communicated to tournament board via email 2 weeks prior to start of a tournament.  All anglers are subject to disclose their launch location(s) at the weigh-in.
  9. SIGN-IN SHEET: Anglers are responsible for signing-in at the announced sign-in station.  If a sign-in sheet can not be found it is the responsibility of the 1st angler that arrives to start a sign-in form and make all anglers aware.  It is the responsibility of the angler to sign themselves in.  Being in attendance of the sign-in area does not constitute being signed-in first.   
  10. ATTENDANCE: Anglers must be present with their fish at weigh-in.   
  11. REFUNDS: Entry may be applied to another event or refunds may be requested to the treasurer.
  12. LEGAL FISHING METHODS: Must be caught on reel + rod combo.  Trolling is allowed.  No more than 2 rods in the water. 
  13. TACKLE: Artificial lures unless indicated otherwise.
  14. LEGAL CATCH: Legal Stringer will be announced on each event rules.  Must be caught during event hours.  Foul-hooked fish do not count.  
  15. FISH MEASUREMENT: Fish are bent straight with pinched tail. Trout are measured with a closed mouth. 
  16. WEIGHMASTER: Will make decisions on accepting fish and the decision is final.  Do not argue, hamper, distract, disturb or impede any official of the tournament.
  17. WEIGH-IN: The weighmaster willl call out anglers during the published weigh-in times.  Anglers should be prepared when called upon.
  18. PROTEST: Any protest must be made in writing to the Committee with a $40 refundable deposit. The Committee is the final authority in all considerations.
  19. RULE CHANGES: Rules interpretation is exclusively left to the Tournament Committee. The decisions of the Committee are final in all matters and are not subject to appeal.
  20. SAFETY: A 360 degree white navigation light MUST be illuminated and visible when navigating your vessel between sunset and sunrise. A Coast Guard approved PDF must be on board at all times. Tournament days may be shortened, postponed or cancelled due to unsafe weather or conditions. The decision to shorten or to cancel will be left to the discretion of the Tournament Committee. A 4-hour period shall constitute a day of fishing.
  21. WEIGH-IN RULESWeighmaster will call anglers to the scale. No Culling at the table. Anglers must present their final stringer at weightable. Moreover, under/oversized fish will be disqualified. Place fish on weigh basket when prompted.  Remove your fish when given the all-clear.
  22. ILLEGAL FISH: If an angler brings illegal fish to the scales (undersized/multiple oversized fish that would result in a LDWF ticket), he / she will be disqualified from the tournament.
  23. EVENT TIE BREAK:In the event of a tie, the first angler to sign-in will win.
  24. SERIES POINTS: Points will be awarded to the top 40 anglers of each tournament, but will only count towards your Series total if your Annual LKFC membership is in good standing. Anglers must weigh fish to receive points (weigh your fish!).
  25. SERIES STANDING TIE-BREAK: In the event of a tie, the following will determine a tie break for overall series standing:
    1. The angler who fishes more tournaments will win.
    2. If still tied, the angler who drops the highest total number of points (based on 2 dropped event scores) will win.
    3. If still tied, the angler who scores the highest points in any single event will win.
    4. If still tied, the angler who scores the highest points in the Series Finale will win.
    5. If still tied, the angler whose highest score was in an event with more participants will win.
  26. PAYOUT: Cash - as per below (unless noted differently on Event Page):
    1. Top 3 w/ < 30 anglers (the following percentages: 50%, 30%, 20%).
    2. Top 5 w/ 30-124 anglers (the following percentages: 40%, 27.5%, 17.5%, 10%, 5%)
    3. Top 10 w/ 125+ anglers (the following percentages: 30%, 23%, 16%, 10%, 6%, 4%, 3.5%, 3%, 2.5%, 2%)

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