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LKFC Terms, Conditions and Waiver

By digitally signing and purchasing, the applicant(s) acknowledges and agrees to the following: 
1) Agree to follow the by-laws of the LKFC
2) Acknowledges and fully understands that he or she will be engaging in activities that involve risk of serious injury, including permanent disability and death, not only from his/her own actions, inactions, and negligence of others and the condition of the equipment used. Furthermore, there may be risks known to us or not reasonably foreseeable at the time. Applicant assumes the foregoing risks and accepts personal responsibility for the damages following such as injury, damage to personal property, permanent disability, or death.  Applicant fully understands and agrees to indemnify and hold LFKC, its officers, members, agents, and sponsors harmless from and against any and all claims, liabilities, and causes of action resulting directly or indirectly from participation in all LKFC sanctioned events and tournaments.  The applicant has read the above waiver and release, understands that he/she has given up substantial
rights by sending this form and does so voluntarily. 
3) Acknowledges that the use of this website is a privilege of the LKFC membership.  LKFC board asks that you treat all members will respect while interacting on the forum.  That privelege may be revoked by the LKFC board from any member at any time for any of the following reasons, but not limited to:
     -Use of the website/forum to conduct advertisement and marketing of business
     -Use of the website to acquire member names for use in marketing, SPAM, etc
     -Use of foul language, rude and obcense public behavior
     -Display of behavior that the board deems inappropriate for the members

4) Other rules- As per the Series Rules, any participant(s) or winner(s) of a LKFC sanctioned tournament including the Cajun Kayak Angler Series or the Catch-Photo-Release (CPR) online tournament is subject to investigation and/or submitting themselves to a polygraph examination. The Committee reserves the right to select polygraphists to administer polygraph examinations. Failure to submit to or pass the required polygraph examination shall result in 1) disqualification from the series, 2) loss of series points earned 3) loss of membership 4) relinquishing of prizes won and 5) disqualification from future events. Cheating and attempt to defraud, including but not limited to: altering fish, exchanging fish, weighing fish caught prior to tournament hours, catching fish from powerboat or other illegal craft and/or using illegal bait may result in disqualification from the tournament, loss of membership and loss of participation privileges for future events. The Committee reserves the right to investigate, polygraph and/or prosecute any participant. The Committee reserves the right to withhold prizes until a full investigation is completed and/or a polygraph examination is completed.

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