Turkey Trout Throwdown

Turkey Trout Throwdown

From 11/03/18 6:00 am until 11/03/18 2:00 pm

At Cypremort Pt State Park

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Join us Saturday, November 3rd at Cypremort Point State Park for the final event of the Cajun Kayak Angler Series sponsored by Pack and Paddle, Bugg's Lures, Ginger Avenger Lures, and the Fin Collectors and more. This event will determine the Angler of the year along with other Series and Event Cash / Prizes.
  • Shotgun Launch - Mandatory Morning Check-In & Launch from Cypremort Point State Park
  • $30 Entry +$1.25 Pay Pal 
  • Cash Payouts for Heavy Stringer: Max of 5 Speckled Trout


  • LEGAL STRINGER: Heaviest cumulative weight of no more than 5 Speckled Trout (12" min).
  • Big Trout Pot ($5 included from entry): Heaviest Trout wins the pot. Can be used in stringer. <40 Anglers pays out 1st Place only, 40-74 Anglers Pays out 1st and 2nd Places(70% and 30%), 75+ Anglers Pays out 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Places(50%, 30%, 20%)
The Turkey Trout Throwdown is the 6th and final event of the Cajun Kayak Angler Series. Earn and accrue points for weighing fish & win big prizes or cash. The Angler of the Year Wins assorted prize packages and Gift Cards from different vendors- P&P, Hobie, Simms, Yak Attack, Werner , Duce, 13 Fishing, and Reddington (valued around $2000)
It is every anglers responsibility to understand and abide by all rules listed here.  Additionally, all "Series Rules" apply and must be read here.
  1. ENTRY: $30 (+ $1.25 via PayPal) - Entry fee breakdown: $19 goes to Tournament Pot and $6 to Club / Series Pot.
  2. Big Trout Pot: $5 from each entry goes into side pot for Heaviest Trout (Speckled). Winner takes the entire side pot. THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM YEARS PAST
  3. REGISTRATION: Open to the public until Friday, November 2nd, at Noon
  4. WAIVER: By registering for this event you agree to the LKFC waiver/release of liability waiver...READ ME
  5. CHECK-IN / LAUNCH LOCATION: Mandatory check-in/launch at State Park between 5:30-5:45 AM at the sailboat launch/Shark Bayou (end of Beach Rd next to camps). Be prepared for low water conditions. Arrive early to give yourself ample time to sign-in with Tournament Director, unload and launch. All participants must put-in from the designated launch site and wait in kayak in the immediate area. Anglers may not launch at another location. Participants who miss the mandatory check-in/shotgun launch are disqualified. Note: The park normally opens at 7 AM. First person at the gate will need to enter gate code (check tournament forum online).
  6. SAFETY: It is every anglers responsibility to navigate their vessel in a safe manner and abide by all LDWF rules and regulations.  A Coast Guard approved PFD shall be worn at all times while navigating your vessel.  YOU are responsible for displaying lights for your safety...BE SEEN!
  7. ACCEPTABLE CRAFT: Human powered kayaks and canoes only. No trolling motors or mother-shipping allowed.
  8. ACCEPTABLE TACKLE: Artificial Tackle Only (scents, sprays, & Gulp are acceptable).
  9. LEGAL FISHING TIME: 6:00 a.m. (or first light) - weigh-in. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to adjust launch time depending on weather/conditions. The director will signal when it is safe to depart and begin fishing. No lines in or departing the launch site until the signal is given.
  10. SIGN-IN: Anglers must sign-in by 1:59:59 p.m. at the weigh-in table (Arriving at 2:00= DQ - No exceptions). In the event of a tie, the angler who signs in first will be considered the winner.
  11. WEIGH-IN: Begins at 2:00 PM SHARP and will be located under one of the State Park camps at the end of Beach Rd.  No culling at the weigh table. Have your fish ready to weigh when called upon. You MUST keep your fish completely inside of an ice chest with ice while waiting for your fish to be weighed in order to preserve the quality of the fish. Failure to keep fish in ice chest or manipulation of fish will result in angler being disqualified from the event. *Weighing illegal fish (in accordance with Louisiana Wild Life and Fisheries Laws) will result in DQ.
  12. HEAVY STRINGER CATEGORY: Anglers may weigh up to 5 Speckled Trout with a 12” min. Total weights will be used to calculate standings regardless of fish quantity.  It is ok if you don't bring in all 5; furthermore, it is ok to only weigh 1 fish.  
  13. PAYOUT: Cash (Heavy String Category)-Top 3 w/ < 40 anglers (the following percentages: 50 / 30 / 20) 
    Top 5 w/ 40-74 anglers (the following percentages: 40 / 27.5 / 17.5 / 10 / 5), 
    Top 7 w/ 75-124 anglers (the following percentages: 35 / 25 / 16.5 / 10 / 6 / 4.5 / 3)
    Top 10 w/ 125+ anglers (the following percentages: 30 / 23 / 16 / 10 / 6 / 4 / 3.5 / 3 / 2.5 / 2 )
  14. LKFC SERIES POINTS (AOY): LKFC Members with "Active" membership status will receive Series points for weighing fish.  Points are awarded for Heavy String Category only.  You must weigh fish to receive points. 
  15. DOOR PRIZE DRAWINGS: Anglers must be present at the weigh-in to win a Door Prize. If an angler places in the money for the tournament or wins any prizes, then he/she is not eligible for door prizes. Prizes include: Yak Tribe prize packs, Buggs Fishing Lure packages, Ginger Avenger Spinner Baits, Fin Collector Lures, Overcast Lures, Egret Lure Packs, Stinky Pants Fishing Stringers, Action Hats and 2 Duce Rods!