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Clock-Out Classic at Lake Martin

From 06/14/17 5:00 pm until 06/14/17 8:00 pm
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Clock Out Classic is an after-hours/after work CPR bass tournament. Paddle-craft, human powered craft only. Open to the public.  These will take place every other Wednesday at local, easily accessed freshwater fishing locations. We will run these until it is no longer feasible to fish 2-3 hours after 5pm, basically the end of daylight savings time. Or until participation dwindles, let's hope that's not the case. Currently you should be able to be on the water until ~8pm but that will likely increase as the days get a little longer.

This weeks location will be at Lake Martin, located near Breaux Bridge, LA and will take place on Wednesday June 14.

The purpose of these is to interject a bit of freshwater competition into the club without interfering with the AOY series, get some exposure to some of these local fishing holes that most of us probably drive by on our way to saltwater, and above all, have fun.

*Launch anywhere on Lake Martin
*$16 entry fee
*Winner take all format, $10 of every entry goes to the best stringer, $5 of every entry goes to the biggest bass
*2 bass stringer, longest total length of any 2 bass, 2 fish trump 1 fish. You may upgrade as much as you'd like.

The Rules
*Safety First, please be smart and safety conscience, wear your PFD, make yourself visible. Your safety is your responsibility.
*LKFC Membership is not required to enter
*Fishing time will be from 5pm- Safe Light, again please use your own judgement here. You are allowed to launch any time before 5pm but no fish that you intend to submit shall be caught before 5pm, we're relying on the honor system here.
*Also you DO NOT have to be on the water for 5pm, you can start fishing whenever you arrive* Example: I get off of work at 5pm, will drive to the location, unload and start fishing probably around 5:45ish. 5pm is when you can start fishing, but not when you must start fishing.
*Human powered vessels only, no trolling motors allowed.
*Artificial lures only, scents/sprays are allowed.
*In the event of inclement weather a day-of decision will be made by 3pm on the day of each event, check this thread if weather is a question and I will post a decision by 3pm. In the event of a cancellation everyone's entry will be refunded.
*In the event no one catches and submits fish then the money pot will be rolled into the next Clock Out Classic thus upping thetotal amount that could be won 

*Entry fee will be $16($10 towards a 2 fish, longest stringer winner take all, $5 towards the biggest bass of the day, $1 service charge for Paypal/Venmo). Yes you CAN win both categories.
*Entry will be accepted until 4pm on the day-of

How to Enter


*Results will be tallied and posted here and winners will be sent their payouts via PayPal or Venmo, if you do not have either of those then we'll get you your winnings via check.

*Submitting Fish*
*A 3 digit number code will be issued at 4pm on the day of and posted in this thread, you MUST have this 3 digit code visible for your fish to be accepted, either write it on your hand, on your measuring board, a piece of paper, etc. The number must be visible in the pic, fish's mouth must be closed. Again, use the honor system, don't try to submit fish that were caught before 5pm.
*To submit a fish, take a pic of the fish on your measuring board then text it to me at 337-280-4690 along with your name and the fish's length, get good pics, tally will be kept to the 1/4" mark. Tie breaker goes to earliest submissions. Submissions will be accepted via text until 9:30pm, that way if phone signal is spotty you'll have time to get back in range and submit your fish.

Any questions or clarifications needed just ask, lets get this going.



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