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TagTeam Catch and Release

From 01/31/15 1:00 am until 01/31/15 7:00 am
Categories: LKFC Tournament
Format & Details are subject to change depending if we have a volunteer with a chase boat (See options below).
Join us on Saturday, January 31st for the LKFC Annual Tag Team Catch and Release Tourney at Choupique Bayou kayak launch. This is meant to be a fun event with a little competition, and is not part of the LKFC tournament series. This is a two-man team event in which partners are drawn at random on the morning of the event.
  • ENTRY: $10.00 to be paid at the launch before tournament (Bring Cash). Winning team takes all!
  • LAUNCH FEE: $2 or $3
  • ACCEPTABLE TACKLE: Artificial Tackle Only (scents, sprays, & Gulp are acceptable).
  • PARTNER DRAWING: 6:30 a.m. Partners will be drawn at random. (Get there a little early to get kayaks set-up, allow for an accurate head count, and review of the rules & format.)
  • BLAST-OFF TIME: 7:00 a.m. Partners MUST stay together and fish together (within 25 yards)
  • LONGEST STRINGER: Longest 5 Redfish for each team will be used for final team length BUT a maximum of 3 Redfish by any one team member will be allowed towards the final team length. Anglers can catch and release as many fish as they wish to keep upgrading their length.
  • WEIGH-IN / PRIZES: Starts at 1 p.m.
Additional Prizes (won individually):
  • First redfish caught (See Rules below depending on Format Option of Tourney)
  • Leopard red (See Rules below depending on Format Option of Tourney)
  • Longest redfish
  • Most redfish
  • Longest trout
  • Longest flounder

Check out the prizes we are giving away for category winners and participation bags (click on link below to view Forum Thread with pictures). - Thanks Susan!



  • If there is a chase boat available and a volunteer willing to run it, we will follow the same format as previous years as detailed bellow:
    • When an angler catches a fish, they will call or flag down the chase boat to tag and record their catch.
    • Every Angler will be given thephone number of the Chase Boat at the time of sign-in the morning of the event.
  • FIRST REDFISH CAUGHT: Anglers must call the Chase Boat to report their first catch.
  • LEOPARD REDFISH: The Angler catching the Redfish with the most total spot (counting both sides) wins.


  • If there is no volunteer with a chase boat, this will be a Catch Photo Release (CPR) Style tournament.
  • When an angler catches a fish, they are responsible for tagging their own catch, recording the required information, and photographing the catch as detailed below in "CRP RULES" Section.
    • If needed, each angler / team (pending supplies available) will be given a tagging kit complete with tags, tagging tool, and tag info cards to record your catch. If you already have a tagging kit, please bring it, and if you have extra tagging tools please bring them as well.
    • If you are interested in joining Tag Louisiana and would like to receive your free tagging kit prior to the Tag Team Tournament, please sign-up as soon as you can online here: https://www.taglouisiana.com/sign_up/new
    • If you don’t wish to sign-up at this time and would like to try out tagging first, this will be a great opportunity. We are working with Tag Louisiana to secure enough tags and tagging tools for everyone (or at least one tag tool per team).
    • Also, make sure to bring a ruler to use when you photograph your tagged fish.
  • CPR RULES: All fish measured for tournament MUST be tagged, photographed on ruler with tag visible, and released!
    • Photograph of fish must show the entire fish on the ruler (mouth to tail)
    • Fish mouth must be closed and touching the “0” inch mark on the ruler
    • Fish tail must be visible in the picture to verify total length and tail must not be pinched
  • FIRST REDFISH CAUGHT: Anglers must contact the Tournament Coordinator with either 1) text message detailing length of catch and Tag number, 2) text message with picture of tagged fish, or 3) phone call detailing length of catch and Tag number used. – Preference will be text message, if possible.
  • LEOPARD REDFISH: The Angler catching the Redfish with the most spot counting one side only will win – so be conscious of how you take your picture)
  • All photo entries will be verified by the Tournament Coordinator at the "Weigh-in".

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