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Bylaws and Constitution


Section 1. Membership Applications
Application for membership shall be made to the Treasurer on a form provided for that purpose accompanied by the annual dues and a signed waiver of liability.
Section 2. Membership Fees Annual dues
$30 payable in full with completed application.
Section 3. Meetings
A. Regular Meetings
Meetings will be the 3rd Tuesday of each month at Pack and Paddle at 6 PM local time.
B. Special Meetings
The President shall call Special Meetings at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Notice of Special Meetings shall be sent via email to Members at least two (2) weeks in advance of the meeting date. No business shall be transacted at a Special Meeting except that for which notice is given.
Section 4. Order of Business
The order of business at all meetings shall be in accordance with an accepted rule of order as delineated in Robert's Rules of Order.
Section 5. Elections
A. Officer Elections
The President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected at the November general membership meeting and shall hold office for one year beginning with the first meeting of January.
B. Nomination
Candidates for all elected offices shall be nominated before or during the meeting prior to the November General Meeting with additional floor nominations accepted at the time of election. All nominations shall be made by the following methods:
1.         by a special nomination committee consisting of three (3) Members, including no more than two Board members, appointed by the Executive Committee to nominate a slate of qualified candidates for each office to be filled or
2.         by nomination made by a Member and seconded by any other Member.
C. Voting
Voting shall be by ballots for each candidate. Election shall require affirmative votes from a majority of members present. Members must be present to vote. Voting may be conducted electronically (via e-mail or on website) if feasible. Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the elections.
D. Vacancies
Nominations to fill the unexpired term of a vacant office shall be made from the floor of the Meeting at which the election to fill the vacant office is held after announcing the election via email to Members at least two weeks in advance. Voting shall be conducted as described in Section 3 above.
Section 6. Operating Fund
Funds in excess of two hundred dollars ($200) shall be deposited by the Secretary / Treasurer in a depository approved by the Executive Committee. These funds shall be the Operating Fund of the Club. Funds less than two hundred dollars ($200) may be kept as cash on hand to meet minor expenses.
Section 7. Expulsions
If any member is charged with improper conduct or with violating the provisions of the Constitution or By-Laws of the Club, such charges shall be brought before the Executive Committee for review. If such charges are found to have sufficient weight, the Secretary / Treasurer shall notify the member of the charges at least one week before the next meeting of the Association. The Member shall be required to appear at such meeting and show just cause, why he/she should not be censured, deprived of the privileges of the Association, or expelled from membership in the Club. If the Member fails to appear at such meeting or is found guilty of the charge, the Member shall, upon a majority vote of the Members present, be censured, be deprived of the privileges of the Club, or be expelled from membership in the Club.
Section 8. Association Termination
In the event of termination of the Club any remaining Club funds and assets shall be dispersed to a charitable organization selected by a majority decision of the Executive Committee.
Section 9. Enacting Clause
These By-Laws shall take effect January 1, 2009.
LKFC Constitution
Section 1. Name
The Association shall be called Lafayette Kayak Fishing Club (LKFC) and shall operate as a non-profit organization (to be determined).
Section 2. Purpose
To support and promote the sport of fishing from paddle craft in coastal and surrounding areas.
Sections 3. Goals
As a recreational organization, the Club's goals shall be to:
1.         Organize kayak anglers in the Acadiana area and beyond.
2.         Support and promote the safe and responsible pursuit of the sport of kayak fishing.
3.         Promote fellowship and provide a fun meeting place for kayak fishermen.
4.         Provide forum for exchange of ideas, fishing information and rigging tips.
5.         Sponsor events, group outings and kayak fishing tournaments.
6.         Provide public presence to protect interests of kayak fisherman.
Section 4. Membership
A. Age
Any person over the age of twelve (12) years who fishes from a canoe, pirogue, or kayak may become a Member of the LKFC by complying with provisions specified in the By-Laws. Those members age eighteen (18) years or older are eligible to vote and to hold office.
B. Honorary Membership
Any person over the age of twelve (12) years who the Club desires to honor may be elected an Honorary Member by a majority vote of the members present at any regular meeting. Honorary Members will enjoy for the current year the same privileges as regular members except for voting and holding office.
C. Honorary Life Membership
A member who has performed truly outstanding service for the Club may be granted an Honorary Life Member by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present at any regular meeting. Honorary Life Members will enjoy for life the same privileges as regular members.
Section 5. Officers
The elected officers are charged with making the decisions required for operation of the Club, subject to review and consensual approval of the membership. The Officers of the Club will be President, Vice President and Secretary and Treasurer.
Section 6. Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall be comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary / Treasurer and the former President.
Section 7. Duties
A. President
It shall be the duty of the President:
a. To preside at meetings and conduct them in accordance with accepted rules of order (Robert's Rules of Order).
b. to schedule and preside over meetings of the Executive Committee
c. To appoint temporary vacancies subject to approval by the membership.
d. To appoint various committees as necessary.

B. Vice President
It shall be the duty of the Vice President:
a. To be responsible for a program at Regular Meetings.
b. To assist the President in the discharge of his/her duties.
c. To preside in the absence of the President.
d. To ensure the documents of incorporation of the Club are kept current.
e. To work with the Treasurer for all dues collected at tournament.

C. Treasurer
It shall be the duty of the Secretary / Treasurer:
a. To keep a log of proceedings of the Club Meetings.
b. To maintain custody of all reports and documents connected with the Club.
c. To keep a current and correct Membership roster.
d. To conduct the Club’s Correspondence.
e. To collect all monies due, to have charge of the funds of the Club, and to keep a correct record and account of all monies received and paid out.
f. To deposit the funds of the Club, in the name of the Club, in a depository or depositories approved by the Executive Committee.
g. To present at each Meeting a report stating the financial condition of the Club.
h. To present a written annual financial statement for the prior calendar year at the first Regular Meeting of the year.

D. Secretary
It shall be the duty of the Secretary:
a. To keep a log of proceedings of the Club Meetings.
b. To conduct the Club’s Correspondence for meetings, events and tournament announcements through the website, email, social media and other sites.
c. To assist the Webmaster in updating the events pages, newsletters and announcements to the members. 
E. Past President
Upon the new President taking office, the outgoing President shall serve as Past President on the Executive Committee for a period of one year. It shall be the duty of the Past President:
a. To provide guidance and consultation to the President and Executive Committee.
b. To preside in the absence of both the President and Vice President.

Section 8. Nominations
Nominations for Officers of the Club shall be made as provided in the By-Laws.
Section 9. Election
The Officers of the Club shall be elected annually by majority vote of the members present.
Section 10. Term of Office
The term of office of each Officer shall be one year with a one year term limit.
Section 11. Vacancy
In the event of a vacancy occurring in any office, the vacancy shall be made known, and a successor for the remaining term of office shall be elected at the next meeting of the Club.
Section 12. Compensation
Officers shall receive no financial compensation, no decrease in membership dues and no other fiscal benefit of the Association.
Section 13. Executive Committee
The Executive Committee shall be the policy making body of the Club, with the recommended policies being subject to the approval of the membership. Association Officers plus the Past President of the Club will constitute the Executive Committee, each having one vote.
A. Director
The Club President will serve as Director of the Executive Committee.
B. Past President
The outgoing President will fill the Past President seat on the Executive Committee.
Section 14. Quorum
A. Membership Quorum
A quorum for the transaction of business at a members meeting, including election of officers, shall consist of fifty one percent (51%) or greater of the voting membership.
B. Executive Committee Quorum
A quorum for the transaction of business at Executive Committee meetings shall consist of three (3) of the four (4) Members.
Section 15. Removal and Expulsions
Any elected officer may be removed from office and any Member of the Association may be expelled from the Association, for cause, in the manner prescribed in the By-Laws.
Section 16. Amendments
The Constitution and Bylaws of the Club may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present at a Regular Meeting or Special Meeting provided that the proposed amendment has been distributed via email to Members at least two weeks before being voted upon. The Constitution and By-Laws, when amended, shall be revised and reposted on the Club Website.
Section 17. Enacting Clause
This Constitution shall take effect January 1, 2009

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